In this webinar, Dr. Erica Lembke provides an overview of evidence-based interventions that range from broad strategies to implement with your entire class to more targeted strategies in reading, mathematics, and writing. You can be confident in the information that will be shared, as it is supported by research. You can also be confident that you will be able to identify intervention strategies to use right away, to help support your students before they fall behind.

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As you prepare for the new school year, many of you are considering what you can do to provide timely interventions at the first sign that students are struggling. Just as your students fill their backpacks with new supplies to head back to the classroom, you, too, need a ‘backpack’ of strategies that you can utilize early and often to support students academically.
Dr. Erica Lembke
Chair and Associate Professor, University of Missouri and Trainer for the National Center on Intensive Intervention